Stardust Professional Dental Hygiene Kit Bundle with Plaque Tartar Remover, Scaler, Mirror Scraper and Black Travel Case

Stardust Professional Dental Hygiene Kit Bundle with Plaque Tartar Remover, Scaler, Mirror Scraper and Black Travel Case
  • INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED!!! – DO YOU WANT THE POWER OF PROFESSIONAL DENTAL TOOLS AT HOME? – This kit was designed by a dentist and includes the exact same tools you would see in the dental office!
  • THE QUICKEST WAY TO CLEAN YOUR TEETH – These dental instruments are not only double sided but super sharp to help get those stubborn areas with plaque and tartar off quickly and easily.
  • EVERYTHING YOU WILL NEED TO GET THE JOB DONE! – Each tool here was hand selected to cover all the areas in your mouth. The pointy scaler can go between your teeth and the broad tartar scraper is great for stains and larger areas.
  • OTHER KITS MAY HAVE THE WRONG TOOLS OR TOO MANY TOOLS – Some of the kits available are actually made for dental lab technicians and contain tools that should be used to make crowns in a lab! Those won’t clean your teeth AT ALL!
  • THE HIGHEST QUALITY ON THE MARKET – These polished and mirror-finished professional dental instruments are 100% stainless steel and surgical grade. They are laser etched with our logo to identify our strict quality control standards. Don’t accept generic knock-offs!

WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED! – Don’t be left wondering how to use these! Do you constantly get stains and plaque on your teeth between dental cleanings? Are you a coffee or wine drinker, or smoker? How about stains on your lower front teeth? Or that one tooth that is set back from the others and gets darker faster? Use the same tools your dentist or hygienist uses to take the power of a professional dental cleaning and bring it home. Our Stardust Dental Tool Kit will help you get those hard to reach spots and that heavy tartar build-up removed quickly and easily. CLEAN YOUR TEETH WITH THE RIGHT TOOLS. This kit was specifically designed and developed by a dentist to contain all the essential tools you will need to get plaque and tartar off your teeth quickly and easily. Our kit contains a large mouth mirror (bigger than other kits), a double-ended tooth scaler (hook shaped) and a flat edged tartar scraper. Superior quality made from German Stainless Steel, Rust Proof and Sterilizable. Easier to grip and use with our heavy duty and Thicker Diameter handles. Don’t forget about Fido! Did we mention these are PET FRIENDLY. We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Our Stardust dental tool kit also works PERFECTLY with our other teeth cleaning and teeth whitening products for that BEAUTIFUL and WHITE SMILE. Order now and get on the path to cleaner and healthier teeth and gums.
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