Stardust Home Teeth Whitening Kit, Accelerator LED Light, 2-In-1 Gel Syringes Made in USA, Dentist Designed

Stardust Home Teeth Whitening Kit, Accelerator LED Light, 2-In-1 Gel Syringes Made in USA, Dentist Designed
  • UNIQUE COMBINATION GEL FORMULA: Our gel and tray whitening kit is the only one of it’s kind that blends HYBRID 35% carbamide peroxide whitening gel AND tooth desensitizer “2-in-1” for powerful results with minimal sensitivity
  • PRECISE APPLICATION: Don’t go squirting whitening gel directly into the trays or all over your teeth! Use the included brush to apply the gel directly to your teeth and no where else!
  • QUICK AND CONVENIENT: Get the same FAST results “GEL and LED light” you would get in the dental office without taking the time or spending a lot of money.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: Made in the U.S.A. with FDA approved ultra-high quality ingredients and materials, developed and formulated by a cosmetic dentist for MAXIMUM results. Get results FAST, even after one treatment
  • 100% GUARANTEE: We stand by our product and offer a 60-day “total satisfaction” guarantee. Just message us if you are not happy and we will refund you, no questions asked and no returns needed!

1.Make sure to remove the small clear plastic tab under the batteries for the light to work.
2.DO NOT place the trays in boiling water, they will warp and shrink. The water should be HOT but not boiling.
3.Only place 1 tray at a time in the water for no longer than 3 – 5 seconds and mold it.
At home teeth whitening has never been quicker or easier with LESS PAIN and BETTER RESULTS. Our Stardust Teeth Whitening Kit contains a PROPRIETARY blend of whitening gel AND tooth desensitizer. The kit comes with a super bright 5 LED whitening light for even faster results. 2 Thermoform (heat-molded) trays are also included with instructions on how to prepare and use them. IMPORTANT BATTERY INSTRUCTIONS: In order for the LED light to work, you will need to open the back of the light and remove the small, clear plastic tab at the bottom of the batteries for them to make contact.
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