Iblue Dentist Cleaning Tool Dental Hygiene Kit Set 5piece #C4

Iblue Dentist Cleaning Tool Dental Hygiene Kit Set 5piece #C4
  • The Dental Tools Are Manufactured Using High Quality, Rust-Free Surgical Stainless Steel, Which Can Stand Up To Regular Use Easily With Proper Care.
  • Plaque That Remains Between Your Teeth Often Harbors Odor-Causing Bacteria. By Using The Dental Duty Teeth Cleaning Kit To Remove Plaque Build-Up, You Can Help To Keep Halitosis At Bay.
  • With This Complete Set Of Dental Tools, You Can Get An Extra Deep Cleaning At Home And Combat Hard To Reach Areas For Superior Oral Health.
  • The Dental Hygiene Tools Are Easy To Use And Great For Dentists, Orthodontists, And Hygiene Enthusiasts!
  • Packaging: These Dental Cleaning Tools Come In a Beautiful Black Box And Stylish Leather Zipper Case With a Velvet Like Red Interior.

Why Brushing Your Teeth Is Not Enough ?

Toothbrush Is Designed To Clean Only Visible Tooth Surfaces In Your Mouth. Dental Duty Tools Effectively Help You Pinpoint Spots You Missing In Your Daily Brushing And Flossing.

Dental Instruments

This Special Dental Hygiene Kit Includes Finely Crafted High Grade Stainless Steel Anti-Fog Dental Mirror (Mouth Mirror), Dental Pick / Dental Explorer / Dental Probe (Metal Toothpick), Tweezer (College Tweezers), Sickle Scaler And Dental Tartar Scaler / Scraper Or Tartar Remover.

About The Dental Hygiene Tools:

-Dental Mirror: The Dental Mirror Helps You Find And Reach The Pesky Areas That Can Not Reached By Your Toothbrush Or Floss.
-Dental Pick: More Safely Dislodges Food Particles And Plaque From Between Teeth Than Ordinal Bamboo Toothpick Which Is Usually Soaked In Sulfur.
-Dental Scaler: Effectively Removes Stains, Plaque And Tartar To Keep Teeth White Without Damaging Tooth Enamel.
-Tarter Scraper/Remover : Used To Remove Difficult Tarter And Plague From Teeth.It Is Lightweight And Double-Sided
-Tweezers : A Metal Instrument Mainly Used To Assist The Pulling Of Teeth Available In Variety Of Sizes And Shapes.


– Easily Remove Plaque And Tartar.
– Allows You To Get a Deep Clean Anytime Between Appointments, In The Convenience Of Your Own Home
– Feature Textured Grips To Help You Keep a Firm Hold On Each Tool As You Work.
– Work Best When Combined With Regular Brushing, Flossing And Tongue Scraping.

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Excellent As Dental Hygienist Gifts, This Would Be a Lovely Gift For Your Friends, Family And Loved Ones Including Your Pets.
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