Family Teeth Whitening Kit 35% Carbamide Peroxide Dental Bleaching System Oral Gel Kit Tooth Whitener 30 Treatments for 2 Person

Family Teeth Whitening Kit 35% Carbamide Peroxide Dental Bleaching System Oral Gel Kit Tooth Whitener 30 Treatments for 2 Person
  • EXTRA-VALUE WHITENING KIT: The Grinigh Teeth Whitening Family Kit includes full 30 treatments for two person. No need to purchase any additional treatment supplies. Includes 4 custom fit mouth trays and a full supply of Whitening Gel, an Oxidation LED Light and bonus teeth whitening shade guide. Which meets all oral and health safety guidelines and regulations. Get sixty (30*2) professional grade teeth whitening treatments in the comfort of your own home
  • EASY TO USE & FAST RESULTS: The Grinigh Teeth Whitening Family Kit is an easy and quick 3-step process guaranteed to get your teeth brightly white, effortlessly and effectively removing years of staining. The whitening gel contains 35% Carbamide Peroxide and a specially formulated mixture of ingredients to powerfully remove deep stains, such as caused by coffee, tea, smoking, etc. Package includes simple to follow instructions. Instantly erases all types of unsightly stains
  • POWERFUL LED OXIDIZATION LIGHT: The included Grinigh Teeth Whitening LED Light speeds up the whitening process by causing the gel to release more oxygen, which effectively accelerates the whitening process. The LED Oxidation Light includes two powerful lithium batteries to ensure it lasts for all 30 applications, without any need to replace batteries
  • CUSTOM FIT MOUTH TRAYS: Package contains 4 fast-forming thermoplastic trays that easily form to the exact shape of your teeth, ensuring an even distribution of whitening gel for amazingly perfect teeth whitening results. Simple to follow 3-step instructions included
  • INCLUDES EVERYTHING NEEDED – 10 Whitening Syringes (Clear Gel); 4 Professional Thermoform Trays; 2 Whitening Accelerator Light (Make sure you remove the plastic tab in the battery compartment before use; 2 Tray Case – Keep your molded trays clean when you put them away! 2 Bonus teeth whitening shade guide

Treat yourself to a brighter, whiter smile with our Grinigh teeth whitening Family kit. The kit comes with everything needed for a whiter smile. Grinigh uses the same professional grade whitening gel that dentists use, for a fraction of the cost. The reusable syringe tips allow you to dispense gel more accurately and store it more securely. The 35 percentage Carbamide Peroxide formula is the most-used at home teeth whitening treatment. Strong and yet still safe, this formula will actually strengthen your teeth and gums. The LED Accelerator light speeds up the treatment significantly, reducing your treatment time substantially. The custom mouth trays are fast and easy, and make the whitening process more even, less messy, and more efficient. A Retainer case for the mouthpiece ensures easy and safe storage, and a convenient cloth carry case for the entire kit makes transportation much more organized. Easy to use, fast, and effective, this powerful home whitening kit will yield real results. You can use the included shade guides to compare your before and after results, because we know you’ll see a difference. Purchase today and see what a whiter smile can do for you.Full Kit Includes 10 syringes of Whitening Gel x 3cc, 10 reusable syringe tips, 4 thermoplastic mouth trays (top and bottom), 2 retainer case, 2 LED accelerator light, 1 cloth carry case 2 shade guide, and 1 English manual.
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