Dental Tools Kit Stainless Steel Home Use Tools Dental Cleaning Kit – 4 Pieces

Dental Tools Kit Stainless Steel Home Use Tools Dental Cleaning Kit - 4 Pieces
  • Smile Confidently! This Kit includes all 4 Essential Tools needed to keep your Oral Hygiene in Top Shape! Each tool has been carefully crafted with High Quality Surgical Grade Stainless Steel unlike other cheap alternatives on the market that rust easily and often. The Best Solution for Easy Teeth Care!
  • Excellent as dental hygienist gifts, this would be a lovely gift for your Friends, family and loved ones including your pets. They are also fantastic to keep the gums and teeth cleaning of our lovely pets easy, get one dental pick set for them and use it once a week on your dog teeth cleaning or cats teeth cleaning as part of their dental oral hygiene.
  • 90 Days money back guarantee.Please contact us by E-mail if any questions, You will get a reply in 24 hours.

Made with high grade stainless steel that is the standard for medical tools and equipment. These can be washed easily with hot water and anti bacterial soap. Goes where your toothbrush and floss can’t reach to remove stubborn build up that can be very harmful to healthy teeth and gums.

About The Dental Hygiene Tools:

-Dental Mirror: The Dental Mirror Helps You Find And Reach The Pesky Areas That Can Not Reached By Your Toothbrush Or Floss.
-Dental Pick: More Safely Dislodges Food Particles And Plaque From Between Teeth Than Ordinal Bamboo Toothpick Which Is Usually Soaked In Sulfur.
-Tarter Scraper/Remover : Used To Remove Difficult Tarter And Plague From Teeth.It Is Lightweight And Double-Sided
-Tweezers : A Metal Instrument Mainly Used To Assist The Pulling Of Teeth Available In Variety Of Sizes And Shapes.


– Easily Remove Plaque And Tartar. – Allows You To Get a Deep Clean Anytime Between Appointments, In The Convenience Of Your Own Home.
– Feature Textured Grips To Help You Keep a Firm Hold On Each Tool As You Work.
– Work Best When Combined With Regular Brushing, Flossing And Tongue Scraping.
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