Bestope Dental Tools 5PCs Plaque Remover Hygiene Kit Stainless Steel Dental Pick Tooth Scraper and Mouth Mirror for Home Use & Pet

Bestope Dental Tools 5PCs Plaque Remover Hygiene Kit Stainless Steel Dental Pick Tooth Scraper and Mouth Mirror for Home Use & Pet
  • 【PROFESSIONAL 5-IN-1 DENTAL TOOLS KIT】: Includes 1 dental pick, 1 dental scaler(dental scraper), 1 dental probe, 1 anti-fog mirror, and 1 tweezers. All those professional dentist cleaning tools help you to promote teeth health.
  • 【REMOVE UNWANTED SURFACE】: Our dental tools kit does a great job of scraping down and cleaning teeth. It can do the tough stains, tartar, calcium, and plaque removal from your teeth and gum.
  • 【KEEP YOU HEALTHY】: Our dental tools works well because they get to the places which are hard to reach. With the help of anti-fog mirror, the other tools also offer different angles to attack the buildup in hard areas, they get rid of any bad breath and restore a healthy PH Balance of your teeth.
  • 【VERSATILE USES】:This dental tools kit is designed for easy and effective tooth cleaning. No more need to have frequent appointments with dentists. Choose the professional dental tools as your home dentist care tools and regular cleaning also save you much money. Which can also be used on pets.
  • 【DURABLE CONSTRUCTION WITH METAL CASE 】 : All dental tools made of high strength stainless steel materials, are designed to resist rust and corrosion. The kit has all the right tools in a secure case that keeps tools’ delicate wire ends from being damaged.

Work for removing tartar, calculus, plaque, smoke stains, tea stains, coffee stains, and etc
Anti-skidding corrugated steel grip helps holders grasp the tool and keep your gums safe.
Multi-Purpose tools for personal care, professional use, as well as pets.

Dental Pick
Great for getting food that has stuck between teeth out and for cleaning after and before brushing.

Dental Scaler & Dental Probe
Offer different angles to attack the buildup in hard areas.

Anti-fog Mirror
Used to observe some stubborn areas behind the front-lowers.

Dental Tweezers
Check teeth mobility and remove the food residues. Great use for putting in or taking out cotton ball

Make sure all the tools have been sanitized before use.
Be careful when using all the stainless steel tools for their sharp tips.
Keep the kit out of reach of children.
DO NOT share the tool with other people for heath reasons.

What’s included:
1×dental pick 1×dental scaler
1× anti-fog mirror
1× dental probe
1× tweezers
1× user manual
1× metal case
1× paper package

12-month warranty is guaranteed and we will provide the best service for you.
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