Alayna Generic Oral B Compatible Toothbrush Replacement Heads Brushes, 20 Piece

Alayna Generic Oral B Compatible Toothbrush Replacement Heads Brushes, 20 Piece
  • ♥ PROFESSIONAL CLEANING EVERY DAY – Generic Precision Clean toothbrush Replacement Heads Design Is Inspired By The Superior Cleaning Power Of Professional Dental Tools
  • ♥ SENSITIVE TO YOUR NEEDS – Soft Bristles To Protect YOUR Teeth From Harmful Harsh Brushing And A Comfortable Clean With These 20 Brushes!
  • ♥ PREVENTS CAVITIES – Side-To-Side Bristles Sweep Away Plaque While The Moving Power Tip Penetrates Hard To Reach Areas And Stationary Bristles Polish Tooth Surfaces
  • ♥ FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE – Compatible With ALL Oral B Rechargeable Handles, Except Oral B’s Sonic Toothbrushes (see a full list of compatible models in the description below)
  • ♥ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, Or Your Money Back.

Why this brush head over any other? Alayna’s generic oral b compatible toothbrush replacement heads design is inspired by the superior cleaning power of professional dental tools. The shape of the head allows the bristles to surround each tooth for individual cleaning this item includes 20 brushes, stock up now the amazing effects: Remove up to 100% more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush. The acids in plaque remove minerals in your tooth’s hard, outer enamel. This erosion causes tiny openings or holes in the enamel – the first stage of cavities. Once areas of enamel are worn away, the bacteria and acid can reach the next layer of your teeth, called dentin. Alayna’s generic precision clean bristles reach deep between teeth and cover more surface, leaving your whole mouth cleaner than a regular manual toothbrush. On top, electric toothbrush cleaning system delivers up to 48,000 movements a minute vs. 600 only with a regular manual toothbrush so you can get up to 100% more dental plaque removed than with a regular manual toothbrush. Compatible with the following oral b electric toothbrushes: – Oral b vitality precision clean (all models) – oral b vitality dual clean (all models) – oral b professional care (all models) – oral b professional care smart series (all models) – oral b trizone (all models) – oral b advance power (all models) – oral b pro health (all models) – oral b triumph (all models) – oral b 3d excel (all models) – oral b plak control 3d | duo | travel – oral b triumph professional care (all models) – oral b triumph (all models) – oral b sensitive clean (all models) – oral b white clean (all models) – oral b interclean (all models) – oral b pro-health (all models) try it risk free love it forever. Professional cleaning every day. Prevents cavaties.
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